Awaken the Healer Within 2012-2013

by Sophie on May 5, 2012

Awaken the Healer Within 2012-2013

I want to let you know that registration for the 2012-2013 course is NOW OPEN. Some students have already registered for next year. The class only runs once a year and is limited to 15  students. So if you are considering joining the class, read on and register today!


You know that everything is energy and everything is vibration… But HOW do you change your energy to create a  balanced and joyful life? How do you build on what works and create a new energy to change things for the better? The Awaken the Healer Within program will deepen your intuition and your Energy Healing skills.

You are aware of your special intuitive abilities. You are a natural healer, an empath, a psychic, or a body worker but you don’t always know how to use energy healing effectively.

Your natural healing talent may even work against you as you strive to balance an expanding gift with every day responsibilities. We energy healers are so good at being spiritual that we often feel lost in the ‘real’ physical world. Making every day decisions can be painful. Understanding why other people do what they do can be confusing. I know, I’ve been there!

  • Do you want to learn a complete system of energy healing that is grounded in every day reality?
  • A healing system that will make you more intuitive, more balanced and grounded?
  • A proven way to access the Heart of God every day so you never have to feel lonely again
  • Tools to heal yourself and your loved ones?

I have a dream that soon there will be a healer in every family and in every home. That energy healer can be you. You can be the change you want to see in the world when you learn energy healing with me this year. My energy healing program Awaken the healer Within fills up every year. Registration is now open for 2012-2013. The class starts  on Tuesday September 18 2012 at 8pm EST. You can register now at Early Bird rate by paying $277 for the first month of class (another link for monthly tuition will be sent to you in September when classes start):

In these exciting but challenging times of rapid change, we need as many healers as possible to raise consciousness. Success based purely on material gain is not working any more. We need teachers and healers to create a sustainable world for our children. Join me and learn the energy healing tools I use every day to heal and to create joy in my life and for my family.

If you are being called to step up and you are emerging as a healer or a sensitive, learning to understand and practice your gift I will support you in finding who you are as a healer and how to best use your gifts. Maybe you want to work as a healer but even if you don’t to work as a healer, it is important to understand that you ARE a healer and to learn to look after yourself accordingly.

If therapy, Reiki, massage school and consciousness groups gave you a good foundation for self growth but you are still wondering how to USE Energy Healing effectively in your every day life, my Quantum brand of energy work and the attunements I offer will take you to the next, more spiritual, dimension.

Listen to the free teleclass I gave on Grounding to give a chance to experience what will be happening in the course:

WHEN is the class?

The 2012-2013 course starts Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 8PM EST.  Then we gather live over the phone every First and third Tuesday of the month at 8PM EST Until the last class on Tuesday, August 20, 2012. I will send you the complete year schedule upon registration.

WHERE will it be?

In the comfort of your home, office or vacation cottage as the Awaken the Healer Within Program is taught LIVE on the phone (teleclass or webcast). Even though it is better to attend live because positive energy is contagious and you will feel the power of the group, each class is recorded so you can listen to it again later or catch up if you miss a call. You can also use the MP3 recording to practice a meditation or a new an energy tool.

WHAT will you learn?

In this class you will:


“This is a note to thank you for teaching us all that you did. I feel so honored – and deeply appreciative – for the tools I now have and the awareness and growth that I now experience. It seems as though we do indeed have a “holy assignment” in the world right now. Thank you again for the opportunity you created for all of us.” ~Johanna, Amherst, MA


  • Ground thoroughly and connect with the Source of Divine Light every day.  “Today was amazing Sophie! The experience was a very deep one for me. […] When I did reach the Divine the gold color was like liquid and flowed like water through me.” Donna Sherman, 2010-11 student
  • Simple solutions to develop your intuition.
  • Identify the differences between being clairaudient, clairvoyant, sentient, an empath, psychic or medium
  • Balance everyday life as a spiritual seeker grounded in every day reality: raising kids, holding a job and paying bills can be spiritual…
  • Activate and align your chakras and your clients’ chakras
  • Read someone’s energy with Energy Scanning ~ Yes, you CAN do it
  • Muscle Testing / kinesiology: the art of muscle testing for intuitive decision making ~ You can do that too
  • Find and remove blocks to promote healing
  • Think With Your Heart to transmute fear into Love
  • Give your body and your organs a voice … because your body knows what ails you!
  • Violet Flame and other safe tools for Psychic Protection. You know you need it when you are a bright Light!
  • Create joy through intention and know that you deserve it.
  • Identify the mysteries of Past lives and how they impact your present
  • Clear Family Karma, Old vows, contracts and promises
  • How to be an ethical healer
  • and much more …

WHY join the Awaken the Healer Within Program?

1- This is an experiential and transformational class to improve your every day life. This is an energy class where the vibration of the attunements I give you transforms you. The energy work we do during class breaks through your old blocks. This a group experience that raises your vibration permanently.

2- It is a year long program so

  • you have time to practice all the healing skills, go deep and fully integrate the work gently, over time.
  • To create new healing habits and thought patterns. “True life is lived when tiny changes occur”~Leo Tolstoy.
  • you can go through all the seasons and find all the triggers the different seasons bring you
  • you are with me for 12 months so we hit every anniversary and every yearly challenge you face
  • we work together through a full cycle of planning, planting, growing and harvesting the life we want to create
  • To have time to create or strengthen friendships with other students as we grow together and support each other. We learn better in community. It’s time to stop feeling alone with your healing gifts!

3- It is a small group

  • to create a safe environment where I know each one of you individually.
  • So I can offer tailored support through the individual sessions included in the class.
  • Because i hold the group energetically as you transform your life and at this point in time I can only give this much energy to a limited number of people

4- The course takes you through 6 energy attunements (energy portals) that raise your vibration to the next level:
Grounding & Crystal Grid attunement : being grounded and in the body
Violet Flame and psychic protection attunement : to harmonize relationships

Pink & Blue strands attunement: Out of Fear,  emotional healing, self-confidence
Think from the Heart attunement: Feel held and heard, heal heartache, learn to trust deeply
Speak From The Heart attunement: Harmony with Truth, lovingly state your truth
Intuition Attunement: Increase your intuition. Pituitary and pineal glands attunement.These attunements are very powerful and felt deeply by the course participants. They are permanent and easy to integrate when they are part of a year long class. The changes are real and effective.

5- Each class is taught live on the phone by me, which allows me to deliver the teachings in the best way for this year’s class and to teach you the latest in energy healing technology!

This is not an off the shelf pre-recorded course.

6- Two classes a month, all year, to keep the momentum of positive change going, whatever the season, the time of year of what life throws at you.

7- Every session is recorded so you can listen to it again later. I encourage you to participate in the calls live so you can ask questions, receive healing and give healing to others. This is how you learn by practicing with me and other students. But if you have to miss a class, students tell me they feel the energy through the recordings as clearly as they do during the live  class. Sometimes students receive the energy of the class while it is happening even if they are not on the call!

8- Included in the course fee are 3 private sessions with me, (4 if you register with the Early Bird offer). You can use your private sessions at any point during the year to support you at key moments of your own growth.

9- I am personally available via emails and phone to support you as you explore your gifts and implement what you learned during the class.

“The world is a better place because Sophie is here :) I enjoyed and learned a lot from your first Mentoring class Sophie. I feel like the information is sinking in. I loved the hour long grounding meditation it helped relieve a nasty headache I had yesterday :) Thank you for shining bright.” Nancy Quevillon Politis, Chiropractor

“How wonderful I feel your course was/is… You are not only a gifted healer but a compassionate and generous teacher with a good sense of humor. The curriculum is scaffolded in a way that supports learning the concepts and techniques but also helps to build confidence in new skills. I think my biggest growth occurred in learning to incorporate energy work/healing into my everyday life. Working with you has been a blessing on many levels!” Lisa G, Mother of 3 and Body Worker

“I have so many things to say about your course, and I will start with this: If you are tired of searching like I was and are ready to get your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose,  I encourage you to speak with Sophie about her upcoming Mentoring for Healers Program and see if this program is as right for you as it was for me!  Thank you Sophie!” Donna Sherman, Natural Empath and Psychic, gifted and very practical Healer!

“I’ve found your Mentoring for Healers class very valuable and fascinating …  It has given me access to techniques and insights that have deepened my spiritual practice, providing a new perspective on my work with clients. Your warmth and wisdom shine through in every call, and the class has been a valuable tool in my own personal growth.” Karen Hager,  Fog City Psychic

Price is $277 per month at the Early Bird offer. First payment is due now to register and secure your place on the course. Then you will receive another link in September to pay me every 30 days for 11 more months (for a total of 12 installments)

You are paying for:
  • Two 60 minute group classes every month on the first & third Tuesday at 8pm EST, for 12 months, starting September 18, 2012.
  • 6 individual attunements given in a group setting during 6 separate classes,
  • 3 private healing sessions that you can chose to have at any time during the year,
  • unlimited email support during the program as you grow spiritually and heal old wounds~

All this is worth $447 a month when purchased as separate sessions, attunements and short courses and is only $277 per month when you enroll in this program with the Early Bird Offer before June 30, 2012 at midnight EST. On Sunday July 1, 2012, the full fee of $327 per month applies.

This is NOT a pre-recorded course that you buy and study through on your own. It is a LIVE on the phone, interactive course where I offer a lot of support for your transformation. The Awaken the Healer Within program takes a whole year to allow you to integrate the energy healing skills you learn and to allow deep, personal transformation in a safe environment.“I feel the sanest I’ve ever felt in my life. Thank you for spreading the light.”  C. (Librarian.) Nov 2010″
Guarantee: If you decide the course is not for you after the first class, I will refund your registration payment and cancel your subscription because I only want you in the group if you are a happy vibrational match to the rest of us!Once you have committed to the year long course you owe the totality of the course fee. Leaving the course will also result in an Early Termination Fee and an Administration fee of $40.

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