Attunements are Gradual

by Sophie on July 23, 2010

Good attunements that are skillfully transmitted

  • are gradual
  • unfold gently
  • are integrated easily
  • change you permanently
  • release and encourage your creativity
  • show in ALL areas of your life
  • help you balance your life

Why is a good attunement gradual? Why can’t I change overnight and just get it all done now?

  1. We will never get it done as we, the universe and the Divine itself are in continual expansion.
  2. If you changed too fast you would probably become ill from the massive detox that would follow
  3. When we change gradually we recognize ourselves as we change and that is more comfortable!
  4. When we change gradually, our loved ones and the people we interact with daily have time to adapt to the ‘new ‘ us and adapt their response to us. It makes for more harmonious long term relationships

Remember that when we witness a “miracle” cure it is usually because the ground work has already been done.

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