Attuned to Inner Truth

by Sophie on June 13, 2010

As soon as it became difficult to be complacent, I started noticing that inner truth was being revealed about most people around me. Just around Memorial Day, people who had appeared gruff showed their sweetness and the people who had always been honey sweet also showed their true colors and became more impatient or more indifferent. It’s like we were all being attuned to our inner truth.

I think it’s because when you cannot be complacent any more, it becomes impossible to keep up a ‘front’, a public face that does not match who you are deep down.

I have heard from several clients, students, friends and even my own kids how the true nature of their friends was being revealed. I have certainly experienced it in a big way in my private and professional life. Luckily most of my friends turned out to be really sweet reliable people who had ‘played small’ and been too modest in the past so I am uncovering some REAL GEMS in my life!

What’s YOUR story? Have you noticed any similar change in YOUR life?

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