Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

by Sophie on December 31, 2013

Sick and tired

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you are in a GREAT place to DECIDE TO CHANGE! And some major overhaul in your thinking, as well as the consistent removal of blocks and negative patterns over time, can really change that, in my experience. New year, new intentions: you can learn the skills to heal yourself in my Awaken the Healer Within class starting on Wednesday, January 1, 2014. This is a year long course. We go through every chakra, every energy system,  every moon cycle, every season, every anniversary, so you can find those blocks one by one and remove them once and for all. Now that’s progress. Steps in the right direction. Taking daily action. Creating the life YOU want for yourself.

We learn effective, practical energy work skills to heal ourselves and stay balanced while awakening.

Included in the class, are 4 individual sessions with me to support you personally and to a vibrant and confidential FaceBook group I animate for my students and alumns. There are some interesting conversations going on there!

So join us now and make your New Year resolutions stick! More details and registration are available here:

Together, we heal!


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