Are You Ready to Walk Through the Portal?

by Sophie on December 19, 2012

“I think that what people call “the Shift” has already happened. […] Many of us have chosen to walk through the energy portal that was available to us and we now live a much quieter and purposeful life. So I tend to relax and enjoy it most of the time.” I wrote on Dec 9 here.

What about all the people you know, friends, family members, maybe yourself, who are going through tough and sometimes tragic times right now? I am fully aware of that reality because that is when people need me more as a healer and call me for sessions and extra support.

So why are so many people having such a tough time when I claim that the shift has already happened and that myself and many friends “live a much quieter and purposeful life.”? Because we were the first wave to consciously leave the old ways behind. We opened the way, marked the path and we are holding the portal open so that more people can join us in the new paradigm.

We’ve been through the losses, the small and the big deaths, the cancers, the special high need children who teach you so much and push you beyond anything you can take, the job and house losses, the unexpected moves, the heartbreaks, the painful reality checks. Again and again. As well as the highs, the spiritual awakenings, the spontaneous attunements, the angelic connections and the surprising loving connections that sustained and kept us going. Again and again. We allowed the experiences to mold us and to push us through this gigantic birth canal to the other side.

The shift happened last year because 20 or more years ago we accepted our mission to do all this without a clue as to where it was leading us or even if we would survive all this at times. If you think I sound dramatic, you haven’t been there and you know then you HAVE been there, lol.  If I told the details of the past 50 years of my life, most people would think that I am making it up! But here we are, with a pretty good idea of what it means to use energy for healing, how to leave the old dual ways behind and how to step through the portal into Oneness and into a life of creating joy purposefully.

We are waiting for you on the other side.  The more the merrier. And the more, the healthier this planet will be I am quite sure.

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