Are You Living Your Life Purpose? (This is not what you think)

by Sophie on March 10, 2013

“What is my life purpose?” is a question my clients ask me often. I support many of you in this quest by removing blocks and downloading attunements that help you blossom but of course the decision in this co-creation in ultimately yours.

One point I think is important to remember is that in our culture we believes that if we are living our life purpose, we are automatically going to be wildly successful in the world, with money, fame, a happy marriage and healthy children. I think nothing can be further from the truth.

Look for example at someone who has already been very successful as a spiritual seeker in several past lives but who wants to learn to be more incarnated in their body (and that’s many of us healers, you can smile with me!): they may struggle with money and with health issues and yet be very successful in learning how to be incarnated, for someone who did not have a clue how to do it until this life time.

Or look at someone who is earning vasts amounts of money in a very public way but whose life purpose was to learn how to be happy in their private life: this present incarnation is only a success for their soul if they also learn the lesson of being happy at home.

I understand the convenience of having cultural standards by which we can measure social success and I respect that. But when it comes to your success in regards to your life purpose, critics beware: what you see may not be what is meant to be and vice versa.

Nor is the progression from life to life linear, from slave to king or from thief to enlightened spiritual teacher. The journey of the soul through its many incarnations meanders to say the least and its many twists and turns will surprise you when you look closely.

So do you think that you are living your life purpose?

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