Are You A Healer? Complimentary Call!

by Sophie on August 13, 2015

Are you a Healer?  Do you want to find out? Join me on Sunday for a complimentary call.

If you have been told by psychics, and other healers, that you are a healer or a lightworker, and you want to put your mind at rest, come and find out on the complimentary call I am offering on Sunday 16 August at 12 noon EST . ( 9am PST, 5pm BST ). It’s going to be 60 minutes of powerful yet super safe energy work.

I will start the call with a grounding meditation and energy protection.
Then we will talk about:
1. The common signs that you have a healing gift.
   2. Is it a gift or is it a curse? Know when to switch your healing on and when to turn it off.
   3. How to feel more ‘at home’.
I will offer energy work on each topic for everyone on the call, then I will offer 20 minutes of laser focused healing to four individuals who ask for it while on the call.

No sales pitch, just a gift of energy work to you.

Here are the call details:

Are You a Healer? Find Out For Sure!
Date & Time: Sunday, August 16th at 12:00pm Eastern

Attend by Phone:
Guest pin code: 491262#
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100
Secondary dial in number: (603) 263-0219
Full list of dial in Numbers:

Event Page:

I will talk to you then!

P.S. While you are here, you can also request the recording of my Grounding Meditation on the right hand side.


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