Abundant and Powerful Healing Energy

by Sophie on February 25, 2011

Judging by what’s going on around me I would say that the healing energy available for change is abundant and powerful at the moment. It also appears to be linking us to deep Truth.

Whatever we have been sitting on that was creating guilt or shame is not allowed to stand in the way of the Lightworker any more. Hear me on this and act accordingly:guilt and shame are the weak points of you energy system. When you heal them and transform that dark recess into love, you get back into the flow of creative love and life again.  Allow yourself to do that so that you may build a strong world, a reality built on truth, which is Love.

This kind of growth process does put stress on relationships quite easily. So start with love for yourself. Then spread it to others.

So the question for today is: what have you been repressing, hiding or sitting on that is wanting to be heard so you can move on? As always, if you need help with the process, contact me and book a session!

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