“The world is a better place because Sophie is here :) I enjoyed and learned a lot from your first Mentoring class Sophie. I feel like the information is sinking in. I loved the hour long grounding meditation it helped relieve a nasty headache I had yesterday :) Thank you for shining bright.” Nancy Quevillon, Chiropractor


How wonderful I feel your course was/is… You are not only a gifted healer but a compassionate and generous teacher with a good sense of humor. The curriculum is scaffolded in a way that supports learning the concepts and techniques but also helps to build confidence in new skills. I think my biggest growth occurred in learning to incorporate energy work/healing into my everyday life. Working with you has been a blessing on many levels!” Lisa G, Mother of 3 and Body Worker. Florida.


Sophie is a rare gift to this planet! She has enabled me to connect with a crucial part of my purpose on this earth, which up until that point I had been unaware, as well as assisted me in removing that which had been blocking my full joy of life in this world. Her gaze on all levels is piercingly revealing, while her approach is both respectful and deeply compassionate.  I highly recommend her to those in search of healing on multiple levels! Much love and light to you on your path!

Jeremy M. Bennett


“I have so many things to say about your course, and I will start with this: If you are tired of searching like I was and are ready to get your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose,  I encourage you to speak with Sophie about her upcoming Mentoring for Healers Program and see if this program is as right for you as it was for me!  Thank you Sophie!” Donna Sherman, Business Manager, Natural Empath and Psychic, gifted and very practical Healer!


“I’ve found your Mentoring for Healers class very valuable and fascinating …  It has given me access to techniques and insights that have deepened my spiritual practice, providing a new perspective on my work with clients. Your warmth and wisdom shine through in every call, and the class has been a valuable tool in my own personal growth.” Karen Hager,  Fog City Psychic

I know the session I had with you helped me tremendously. I’m more peaceful. The minute I become judgemental, I immediately see All That Is and see the very thing I’m judging as a reflection of not only myself, but All That Is as a whole. I’m wondering if I may also be a healer…  I’ve also been able to let go of so much.
:)I was at some times before our session afraid to leave the house! Since our session, I lost alot of fear. I went to real estate school and got my real estate license.. I’m currently in the real estate office.  I believe our session helped me that much!
Sherri Patterson, May 2010.
Sophie! You are an astounding part of this process for me, and for my entering a new life!
Dan Hays, author, May 2010
Yes, it is true you are a GEM … as a wonderful mother to your children and as a guide / mother lighting up the way for all of us …I’ve been basking in new light since our meeting on Friday – feeling like I started to walk in another dimension in which colors, feelings and sensations are deeper … it’s beautiful!  Thank you for sharing your wisdom and lighting the way.
Christine Menard, Librarian. 2010 

Thanks Sophie, this was one of the hardest weeks…. Thanks for your guidance
A. Airline employee, May 2010

@Sophie_Lhoste because she is the epitome of the seeker: Lover of Truth, speaker of the heart eyes of the soul ~ (Twitter name supplied)
@Sophie_Lhoste is an Angel daring to tread in our earthly realm ~ LeeHiller. 2010
Remember my #haiku inspired by you ~ Her arms move to the / beat of silent awareness / She is one with Love (Name supplied) 2009
The precious words I want to say to you~Knowing U R there open honest authentic rooted in wisdom. ~ Harmon Hathaway, August 2009

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1 Elisabeth Geddes March 11, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Working with Sophie has generated a wonderful transformation in my life! Her intuition is spot on and she facilitated my healing in areas beyond my abilities and perception. It is a pleasure to work with her. After my first session, my mother and I had a huge blow out. Normally when this has happened it would have been months and months of pain and suffering for both of us as we tried to heal, but thanks to clearing work I was able to see things differently. I now had a new strength and understanding that enabled everything to just resolve in a healthy way within days.

It is an incredible gift that Sophie has and I feel honored that she shares it with us. She is able to work in area’s that I am too “close” to see or work on from a healthy place. Thank you so much!


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