About Naive People

by Sophie on July 30, 2013

We are never done protecting the children, the weak, the incarnated angels. Those who appear to be naive, to give too much, to trust too easily. I have a special fondness for them because they have direct access to the heart of God. They remind me of who I am at my core, they are closer to the Love we come from. I know they are not often equipped to fight their way in the world as it is right now. But they know, they remember, they are, they live every day with a sweetness and a respect for others that the fighters have lost.

I am not talking about ‘innocence’ in the syruppey sweet way that it is often described around here. I am talking about real unconditional love, trust and surrender to love. And in order to be around individuals, and angels, who connect me with the Divine, I am prepared to do the fighting for them, I am happy to protect them, to foster them and to speak up for them. I have huge tenderness for them and it is my opinion that without their vibration, life on earth would not be sustainable. They hold a vibration that attunes us to the Heart of God when we interact with them. Let’s go up to their vibration and raise the general vibration as a result.

For more on tenderness, read this post.  And to read about respect = love, read this post.

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