A Timeless Attunement

by Sophie on October 24, 2010

I received a new attunement on Wednesday. I came across the work of a Spiritual Master I had not heard of before. I read the account of another healer meeting him recently, felt the energy he channelled and wished I could feel that energy in person some day. Immediately I felt transported into a timeless space of pure Love and I was filled with complete peace.

It was the same place and energy that I have felt at Yoga and Sufi centers. The same energy I received from my Sufi Master. With a slightly different flavor. And because I am different and more mature, it took me to a new and deeper place. To a level of timelessness and being-ness that I have only glimpsed at in the past.

Pure peace, pure Love, pure being in the heart of God. No time, no human boundaries. Endless compassion. And the ability to pass that energy onto others in the wave of a hand.

Most of the attunements I transmit to others nowadays were given to me spontaneously from ‘above’. Usually as a result of a deep prayer and asking to have a question answered. And some day my vibration changes in an instant and the response is there in my consciousness, transformational, informative, reassuring, bouncing through me and into the world. There is no end to awakening: it is a process as expansive as creation itself.

It is taking some adjusting to as I have been forgetting details of every day life. But I am sure all that will settle in time. And I am ever grateful for the endless abundance of gifts I receive from above.

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