A New Mosaic of Happiness

by Sophie on December 17, 2012

Sometimes, out of all the terrible and violent news we are exposed to, an act of violence or a natural disaster traumatises us even though we are not directly involved. This is what I find helpful at such times:

1- remember that my daily reality has not changed. I am still safe. However good modern media is at making me feel like I am a part of the drama and it could have happened to ME, it did not. Some empathy is natural and human and allows me to have a compassionate reaction. But if I create more trauma by allowing myself to be scared , is it really helping the people whose lives have just been turned upside down? I owe it to myself and to those who depend on me to keep my balance.

2- ask for support if I feel overwhelmed.

3- ground myself. (You knew I was going to say that!)

4- find out what it is about the specific event that touches me more deeply than the usual stream of terrifying bad news and do energy and emotional work to heal that part of me that is taking the story personally when it is not personal. What is it in my personal history that is still hurt or fearful and resonates to the event?

5- meditate deeply and listen to guidance. Can I see an overall pattern to the event, find a symbolic meaning, make connections that ‘explain’ the event to me in my understanding of life? In other words, calm my mind until I feel at peace with the world that created or tolerated the tragic/upsetting/traumatic event.

6- remember that each soul has their own karma and contracts and I can’t understand them all. Often when we witness a soul going through tough unpleasant (or violent, abusive etc) karma we remember how we felt as powerless trapped abused kids. So we have an emotional response. But our emotional response IS on a different level from the clear soul choice we make before birth to come and experience that powerlessness.

WHY¬† we, or any other soul, choose to experience this is the perennial debate of course… And the reason is different for each person.

7- take action. However small, local or personal. Write a letter, make as small decision, give a small donation, volunteer. Pray for those involved. Anything positive to affirm life, to create blessings, to feel part of a community that chooses to rebuild, carry on and heal. There is always something we can do to support others and start making sense of life again.

8- hold on to every little piece of happiness and create a new mosaic. The world as I understood it before the tragedy was shattered. It is no more. So I put the pieces back together into a new mosaic and choose to like it and see the beauty in it. So that the Light can still reflect in each one of my pieces of happiness.

9- remember to be the light I would want someone else to be for me.

What makes sense to you and what helps you make it through collective tragic moments?

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