A Loving Intention

by Sophie on July 11, 2010

My boyfriend loves me very well, by which I mean that not only does he love me but he knows me, respects me, wants me to be happy and he protects me well. He also loves me very much. That’s a powerful combination, one that creates a powerful loving INTENTION of what he wants to see happen in my life.

Yesterday we agreed that I had been doing too much all week and really needed to rest today. I had some misgivings about that since I had pre-existing promises, one of them to my kids. This morning after I  spoke with him again and he heard how tired I was, my day was magically re-arranged with two obligations being removed from my day by the other party. In both cases the person who released me from what I was going to do with them is better off with the new arrangement and I get to rest after all (and to write this blog post, which to me is pleasant and playful).

Of course I can’t prove that my beloved’s clear, powerful and loving intention energetically prompted others to create a situation where I could rest. But I know his energy, I know what it feels like when it is around me and I know that’s what happened because I have so often seen MY loving intention change the lives of others. I have always done it for my family. Now I also do it for my clients.

That’s how a good healer works: she focuses her intention on healing, on health, on a positive outcome. We all do it when we wish someone well. There are degrees of intensity and the more we learn to focus our mind and feelings while ignoring the selfish ego, the more we can affect other people’s reality for the better. Healing is a loving intention focused on a pattern of health that we wish, we will into becoming reality.

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