A Heightened Sense of Being

by Sophie on May 25, 2012

Today Friday 25 May is a Divine Feminine power day on several levels.

For the past 3 days, people have reported :

  • seeing colors more brightly,as if the light was more intense. I know it’s Spring here but I mean something else. It’s more about how VIBRANT the light is.
  • flowing between world sand dimensions more easily,
  • a strong sense of  receiving new, positive, energies very easily
  • the feeling that creating anew is easy and possible. After years of feeling stuck so easily, this is a welcome change!
  • a heightened sense of Oneness
  • loving deeply, heart opening exponentially

So many of us awakened or awakening beings finally feel like we are on the other side of the portals. This is AFTER the pangs, squeezes and headaches of the birth canal we have been in for over 10 years.

I am NOT saying that life is perfect. Only that:

  • we have definitely reached a new level of awareness. Intuition has been out of this world.
  • manifesting has become markedly easier, so keep your intention clear and POSITIVE
  • men have started changing super fast, like the women were 10 or 20 years ago

Of course it  is also easy to be thrown off that sense of oneness because when we spin so fast, it only takes a grain of sand to throw us off course.

Overall the joy is intense. I expect this heightened sense of being to last another 8 days including today, until Friday next week. Then things should settle and integrate.

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