3 Things You Probably Wouldn’t Guess About Me

by Sophie on July 26, 2015

When people hear I am a healer, they assume a number of things about how alternative or rebellious I am and about what I must like and dislike. Here are 3 things you probably would not have guessed about me.

1- I love MDs, GPs and nurses. I think most of them are natural healers who love people and do their best for their patients most days. My first Reiki Master was a practicing nurse. Many of my students and clients have been practicing doctors and nurses. Do I sometimes wish the medical profession would look for deeper root causes to our ailments? Yes. Do I wish more of them would be open to alternative therapies? Yes. But many doctors ARE opening up to alternative therapies and my own doctors have given me great homeopathic, Ayurvedic and common sense advice. Bottom line: I think most doctors and nurses are good people doing a difficult job rather well. Besides, I am grateful they saved my life, my daughter, my hand and my dad.

2- I eat meat. Don’t recoil in horror. I was vegetarian, vegan, raw and even raw vegan for many years. So I don’t eat meat out of habit or conditioning. I eat meat because doing a lot of energy work is demanding on my body and I need a lot of protein to stay balanced, but I can’t eat enough vegetable protein to stay healthy. However, I eat little to no meat when I don’t do energy work for several days. Also, I only eat meat in small quantities, from local, organic, grass fed animals. I thank the animals who were sacrified on my behalf and I thank the butchers who prepared the meat on my behalf. It’s all a conscious choice.

3- I love paying my bills. With each bill, I send a blessing to all the electricity, water, gas and cable workers who keep me in comfort and sanitation year round, whatever the weather. When I pay my taxes, I send blessings to the police, fire department and town workers who keep us safe in a lovely clean town. When I pay for goods, I send blessings to everyone who harvested, manufactured, transported, stored and sold them. I am grateful to the whole network of people who make my life possible as it is and send them blessings because I think they all deserve to be paid well and to have a similar, comfortable life.

I think that good energy work and good healing is grounded in reality, whatever our reality happens to be, and these three facts are part of my reality, whetever people imagine healers to be 🙂

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