April 2013

Consciousness and Love

by Sophie April 28, 2013 Ascension

In a life so long ago, slumbering consciousness awoke and was becoming aware of itself. Darkness and ligh , confused and numb, it was wondering. The wondering created thought and the thought created worlds.Consciousness looked at the worlds and had tenderness for them. That is how Consciousness learned that it was Love. Love kept on […]

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With Respect and Without Expectations

by Sophie April 26, 2013 Abuse

There is a softness in some people that comes from having let go repeatedly. I don’t mean a giving up. I mean a softness of surrender and acceptance and a purposeful decision to keep on choosing wonder and tenderness that brings them so much closer to the Divine. Softness such as you create with a […]

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Creator of Light

by Sophie April 15, 2013 Abuse

This is about the Boston bombings so if you don’t want to think about that, don’t read today’s article. A little background info so you know where I am coming from. I was born in France in the context of the war against Algeria, from parents who grew up in occupied France during WWII and […]

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