December 2012

Have I Loved In Vain?

by Sophie December 29, 2012 Emotions

Sometimes the human part of me wonders if I have loved in vain. If I wasted my time loving someone who did not make it, someone who did not understand, someone who did not love back, someone who left, someone who felt as if they were never really there, someone who did not see me. […]

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Perspective of Joy

by Sophie December 27, 2012 Abuse

I was thinking today about how much my quality of life depends on my perspective and on how my perspective allows me to experience my reality. For example Christmas comes and goes every year and for the first time in my life I really enjoyed it this year. Same home, same people, same date, same […]

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Increase Protection As You Grow Spiritually

by Sophie December 24, 2012 Abuse

As we do more energy work and we are on a path to healing, we shed old baggage and our vibration becomes more refined. We are awakening. We have access to more Light, more Love, more joy. This is what we wanted and it’s all good, right? So why does it sometimes feel like darkness […]

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Happy Winter Solstice!

by Sophie December 21, 2012 Energy work

All through the fall, we have gone in, slept, rested, meditated, been introspective. We have dreamed of what we want for next year and planted the seeds. (This applies to my Northern Hemisphere readers of course.) The seeds have been moistened. In the comforting darkness of Mother Earth and our unconscious, they are peacefully waiting […]

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Are You Ready to Walk Through the Portal?

by Sophie December 19, 2012 Energy work

“I think that what people call “the Shift” has already happened. […] Many of us have chosen to walk through the energy portal that was available to us and we now live a much quieter and purposeful life. So I tend to relax and enjoy it most of the time.” I wrote on Dec 9 […]

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A New Mosaic of Happiness

by Sophie December 17, 2012 Abuse survivor

Sometimes, out of all the terrible and violent news we are exposed to, an act of violence or a natural disaster traumatises us even though we are not directly involved. This is what I find helpful at such times: 1- remember that my daily reality has not changed. I am still safe. However good modern […]

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How Do You Recognise a Spiritual Messenger?

by Sophie December 15, 2012 Angels

What does a spiritual messenger look like? Sometimes a messenger appears as a singing angel or a protective archangel surrounded by Divine Light. That one’s pretty easy to spot 🙂 Sometimes the messenger appears as a master from a recognised spiritual or religious tradition and tells you something so wise that your whole life is […]

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Grateful for the Archangels’ Protection

by Sophie December 13, 2012 Angels

About 6 months ago, I started being presented with deep, intense healing work that my normal healing tools were not always strong enough to shift. When I asked for help, 4 archangels appeared. I was told they were Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Always around me, one in each direction. I did not know why […]

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Worried About Dec 21, 2012?

by Sophie December 9, 2012 Ascension

I am often asked what I think is going to happen on Dec 21 this year. I personally feel that nothing will happen then apart from being another Winter Solstice when I can meditate and plant the seeds for what I desire  and want to manifest in the year to come. The best thing I […]

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