November 2012

Grateful for all the Healers and Therapists in the World

by Sophie November 22, 2012 Abuse survivor

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s inclusive and non-denominational. A whole day dedicated to some of my favorite things: gratitude and abundance. Works for me! The past year was full of surprising discoveries that lead to deeper personal healing. As I heal further, I become a better channel for healing¬† and I am particularly grateful […]

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Staying Grounded In The Midst Of Chaos

by Sophie November 7, 2012 Grounding

Its been an intense month of fast transformation. As an empath, I tend to feel very strongly what happens to others so in times of turmoil such as was created by Hurricane Sandy, I make sure I stay very grounded and centered so I can be a channel of Light from Source.¬† When I am […]

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