September 2012

Equinox Week End

by Sophie September 23, 2012 Divine Feminine

This Equinox week end is full of transformational opportunities. Read: it’s been challenging for many! Friday was International Peace Day I believe. With all the hope and stirring that brings in all of us who are committed to a more peaceful world. Of course Peace starts at home. So re-committing to peace is bound to […]

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Supported by Angels

by Sophie September 14, 2012 Angels

I keep being reminded this week: “See the divinity in EACH person you meet“. As soon as I start feeling judgement, the phrase pops up in my head again: “See the divinity in every person you meet”. I guess my angels will have me trained in no time. I was at an event tonight where […]

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Healer, Heal!

by Sophie September 13, 2012 Depression

“Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened. Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument. Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground” Rumi That’s why all my teaching is experiential. I […]

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Enlightenment is Becoming a Necessity

by Sophie September 11, 2012 Ascension

Enlightenment used to belong to the privileged few.¬† The chosen ones, the monks supported by a whole monastic structure so they could dedicate every second of every day to disciplining their mind and harnessing¬† the ego. The odd nun might even reach enlightenment in spite of her lowly female status. I think enlightenment is not […]

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Aware of the Infinite

by Sophie September 6, 2012 Ascension

Aware of the infinite, I am suspended in between worlds. I am so used to action and motion in the name of the highest good. I am so used to fighting what is perceived as evil, so that we may integrate our shadows and reclaim our power. I am so used to holding their heart, […]

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What Does it Feel Like to be Overwhelmed by Intuition and Empathy?

by Sophie September 1, 2012 Attunements

We talked about exactly that in my sample class on Wednesday. Here is what we covered: what it feels like to be a healer and how overwhelming it can be what happens when we discover our healing powers what happens when we ignore our healing abilities I offered an attunement and we did energy work […]

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