April 2012

Longing for the Light

by Sophie April 27, 2012 Ascension

After I met my soul pod, I knew that my spiritual body was at least as real as my physical body and that being consciously in touch with my spiritual body had the power to heal my physical and emotional bodies. Next I remembered and relived leaving my body as an infant, floating all the […]

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My Soul Pod

by Sophie April 26, 2012 Angels

All my life I had a longing that could not be explained in human terms. It was different from loneliness, different from lack, different from sadness. It was a longing that would sometimes turn into complete, inexplicable despair. In my 30s I had a dream that I was floating in outer space, holding hands in […]

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Spring is an Opportunity to Trust and Surrender

by Sophie April 7, 2012 Attunements

This Easter and Passover time of year seems to bring issues of power, control and surrender to the next level. I think it is because in the Northern hemisphere where the rituals originated, what we are really celebrating is Spring and the renewal of  life. We are thinking about fertility and abundant crops that will […]

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Receiving Bliss and my Birthday Recipes

by Sophie April 6, 2012 Blessing

I had an awesome birthday party with my kids and my women friends this year. Apart from the grilled salmon, everything was raw for health and vitality. I spent the first hour juicing fresh vegetable cocktails for everyone. I loved doing it and everyone was high on vitamins and pure vitality. Lots of laughter! Then […]

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