January 2012

Very Lonely Without the Divine

by Sophie January 19, 2012 Ascension

Yesterday I was doing energy work on myself to integrate old masculine wisdom I gathered over lifetimes as a monk, recluse etc, mostly, but not only, through Tibetan lives and female understanding of a modern and healthy life. It was big work and required that I concentrate on the human learning and experiences to merge […]

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Now is a Time Open for Big Transitions

by Sophie January 17, 2012 Ascension

I think that we are leaping again. Can you feel the excitement in the air? We’ve done it so many times that we know what we are doing by now. The energy available at the moment is giving us the opportunity to transform easily, fast and to go FAR. I am hearing of relationships changing […]

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Owning my Power

by Sophie January 14, 2012 Awakening

Of course, as soon as I am honest with myself and release what was hurting me or not working, I move on, things improve in all areas of my life and the people who can teach me the next lesson suddenly appear, seemingly out of nowhere. How do they know to contact me JUST then, […]

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Listening Honestly to my Body’s Story

by Sophie January 8, 2012 Abuse

“UNDERSTAND THIS MESSAGE: Cast aside your resentments toward others and forgive yourself for prior mistakes, insomuch you will be ceasing your chronic self-condemnation.” ~┬áLauren G Reliford A year ago a good friend told me I was too hard on myself, harder than anyone else was on me. It resonated so I set off to “cease […]

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