December 2011

Infinite Ocean of Love

by Sophie December 18, 2011 Divine Love

Just in case I did not quite get the message last Thursday when my heart was melting with joy into the Heart of God in the presence of Anam Thubten and his Buddhist teachings, tonight I find the same message expressed in Sufi terms but with exactly the same words by a Sufi spiritual teacher […]

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Ocean of Love

by Sophie December 15, 2011 Attunements

Today was such a lovely dreamy day around here, I wonder if it was the same everywhere? I went to 5 different businesses over the course of the day and both the women who worked there and their clients were laughing about being spacey and making small mistakes with everything. There was no frustration. It […]

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Winter Solstice

by Sophie December 11, 2011 Intention

Winter solstice is approaching fast and I have gone into a spontaneous mild trance. It happens every year and before I understood the energies that surround Dec 21, the trance used to get in the way of Christmas preparation (true of any holiday, whatever your family’s tradition). Now that I understand what’s going on, life […]

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The Effects of Physical Violence on Your Chakras

by Sophie December 10, 2011 Abuse

As I wrote yesterday , there is currently an opening in Universal energy so this is prime time to heal the memory of violence, sexual abuse and physical abuse. I have just completed several mind blowing pieces of work from my own past. Remember that if you were a witness, you are also a victim. […]

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Now is a Great Time to Heal from Physical Abuse

by Sophie December 9, 2011 Abuse

For the past 2 weeks, we have been riding a wave of universal healing energy that makes it particularly easy to heal from sexual trauma, violence and physical abuse.  I don’t know why it is so. I am just reporting from the front and noticing that those issues have been coming up to be healed […]

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Healing Angel Day

by Sophie December 1, 2011 Angels

Today turned out to be a soothing healing day. It completed what was set in motion on Monday and Tuesday. This morning I realised that over the past month or so I have received several packages belonging to other people who don’t live here. I then have to contact the company to report their mistake, […]

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