September 2011

Taking Responsibility

by Sophie September 22, 2011 Abuse

It’s been brewing for several weeks and yesterday every interaction I had was about responsibility or the lack of and the consequences of that choice. Of course this is a universal human theme. But I really think it’s the next big piece of work we need to do to keep on growing and ascending and […]

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The Energy Feels Lighter Now!

by Sophie September 16, 2011 Awakening

Energies¬† have felt a lot lighter since the last full moon on Sept 12. Many of the Lightworkers I know have broken through the obstacles and negative patterns that came up to be released during the spring and summer. I knew on March 21 that things were going to be tough till “some time in […]

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Spiritual Masters, Healing and Enlightenment

by Sophie September 15, 2011 Ascension

“The same Consciousness that created and that flows through those people you’d describe as “spiritual masters” or “spiritual gurus” created and flows through you. In so many ways, you are NO different at all. The only difference really is that you just haven’t recognised and embraced your magnificence. You are no less worthy than anyone […]

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Awakening the Healer Within: Free Teleclass (read now)

by Sophie September 4, 2011 Ascension

What if you could live in the Heart of God?¬† What if your Divine connection could Awaken the Healer Within? Do you know what it takes to stay balanced in your every day life so that your core can always connect to intuition and inspiration? So that you can create healing in your life? Every […]

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