August 2011

Empath: How to Stay Centered

by Sophie August 29, 2011 Depression

For a long time I thought that being an empath was a curse because I was constantly overwhelmed by other people’s thoughts and emotions and I could not make the difference between my own inner landscape and theirs. Confusing to say the least. Depressing if you live with a chronically depressed person, very up and […]

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Returning from Past Lives

by Sophie August 14, 2011 Blessing

The thing I like best about past lives is coming out of them and realizing that I am still in the 21st century, safe and sound whatever I’ve just re-lived and remembered, either for me or for a client. I was blessed, after the challenging week I mentioned in my last post to have the […]

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Challenging Week

by Sophie August 2, 2011 Ascension

Since last Wednesday, I have been challenged beyond word. I fell like whatever I am not good at is being put under the microscope and amplified on a large screen, very loud High Definition TV, right in my living room, right in my face! Patience being one of the areas where I am being tested. […]

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