June 2011

Vibrational Attunement

by Sophie June 25, 2011 Ascension

I was working with a client recently and she really got it. She had requested a session to receive an attunement. I talked to her for a while, walked her through my Grounding Meditation to make sure she was in a stable place, made sure she connected to the Light, which she did very easily […]

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Clear Guidance

by Sophie June 18, 2011 Ascension

After a couple of  months of deep transformation, it has happened that my guidance has become much clearer. Several times I came to the point of putting my hands up in the air and saying to the Divine: “Ok, make me whatever I need to become to reach the next step of my evolution” I […]

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by Sophie June 16, 2011 Awakening

I have been having very vivid and insightful dreams lately. It feels as if my unconscious is trying to communicate with me as fast and as clearly as possible so I can sort through old negatives memories and emotions a.s.a.p.! I have no idea what the rush is all about. At first I worried that […]

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Why Has Sophie Been So Quiet?

by Sophie June 8, 2011 Angels

Why have I been so quiet? I last posted here on May 10, nearly a month ago! So what’s been going on?! There was a lot going on energetically (universal awakening and ascension energies), emotionally (healing old wounds as well as family stuff, kids growing up and changing, kind of stuff) and spiritually (my own […]

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