April 2011

Giving and Receiving

by Sophie April 28, 2011 Healing

“And with this chiropractic adjustment I use all the power and energies moving the Universe, to allow my fellow creatures the chance to live, free of disease. I wish nothing in return, only the chance to give. I give with the only thing I have, Love. And I love all by removing that which interferes […]

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Shine Bright!

by Sophie April 26, 2011 Angels

One of my guardian angels, Alun Illumine Jones told me this: “Embrace the beautiful soul that you are and go shine your Light – not necessarily because of other people, more because you can and it feels great when you do.” I remember when the Marianne Williamson idea of  “Shine bright so you can allow […]

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Non Medical Healers

by Sophie April 15, 2011 Healing

In Ordinary Miracles I was speaking about how the healers I know are helping transform lives for the better and it occurred to me to mention that none of them touch, manipulate, diagnose or treat their clients. They are not doctors or nurses. Most of them have little or no medical knowledge. Their work is […]

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Ordinary Miracles

by Sophie April 13, 2011 Awakening

I am happy to be alive with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest opportunity to change humanity as it evolves to a higher consciousness. For thousands of years great men and women have preached Love and created what we thought were miracles. Nowadays I know many ordinary women (and […]

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