March 2011

I Am Eternal

by Sophie March 24, 2011 Awakening

Once you can feel in every fiber of your being that you are eternal, everything changes. It’s a completely different take on life. Emotionally, what matters to you is different from before. From an eternal perspective, objects that lose their value fast lose their appeal. The quality of what you feel in the moment feels […]

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How much I Have Loved

by Sophie March 21, 2011 Emotions

How much I have love across the galaxies. How much I have loved across the Universe. How much I have loved through time and in so many different facets. How much I have lost as creation re-invents itself, remodels itself beyond recognition. How painful the changes when love is not met by love, when the […]

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Are You in Love?

by Sophie March 17, 2011 Emotions

Are you alive because you are scared to die? Or are you alive because you are loving being alive and really enjoying the joyful creation of it? Are you in a relationship because you are afraid of being alone? Or are you in a relationship because you are loving being with that other person and […]

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Do You Love Your Love’s Loved Ones?

by Sophie March 15, 2011 Love

If you love someone, do you love the people they love? If not, why not? Is it because you don’t love all aspects of your loved one? Or is it because you think your loved one’s love for these other individuals is dysfunctional? Do you think you love your loved one better by not embracing […]

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“Love Hurts”

by Sophie March 14, 2011 Abuse

People say love hurts. But it’s the absence of love that hurts. Love always heals, creates, blossoms and grow. When someone says “love hurts”, they mean “relationships can hurt”. They mean that : when the love they feel is not reciprocated or when the love they are used to receiving is withdrawn or when what […]

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Why Natural Disasters Affect Us So Much

by Sophie March 13, 2011 Abuse

Why do natural disasters affect some of us so much even when they happen so far away from where we live and even when they do not involve anybody we know personally? The first reason I think is normal human empathy: we are wired to love, to protect and to want to cooperate and help. […]

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Japanese Tsunami and Finding Peace

by Sophie March 12, 2011 Grief

Of course our first reaction in the face of a natural disaster of the magnitude of the 8.9 earthquake and the tsunami that just hit Japan is to be horrified. It’s too big for the human brain to fully comprehend. A natural disaster also forces us to look at death which horrifies most of us […]

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Can’t Hear Yourself Think?

by Sophie March 9, 2011 Chakras

“Fear is static that prevents me from hearing myself. ” – Samuel Butler That is exactly how my clients’ fear is communicated to me when I work as a healer. When people are in fear, I actually hear static when I tune into their energy system. The first think I need to do then is […]

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Laughing Buddha

by Sophie March 7, 2011 Divine Love

I don’t do cute very often and this is laughing therapy to me. I am posting it here on my blog to share with you but also to be able to find the link easily coz I’ll be watching this again and again just to make my body shake with laughter and relax with this […]

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I shut my eyes in order to see. ~ Paul Gauguin

by Sophie March 6, 2011 Angels

As a healer I see energy better with my eyes closed. It’s probably because I feel energy first. Then an image forms in my mind of what color the energy is, what shape it is, where in the body, in the world or in the universe it is held or how it’s flowing. When I […]

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