January 2011

Divine Relief

by Sophie January 29, 2011 Awakening

I was telling a friend yesterday that I do the work I do because Divine Light is real and I want to let anyone who is suffering from anxiety, depression, low self confidence, self defeating patterns, chronic pain or bad family history know that it is possible to feel better when you let Divine Light […]

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Be the Rose

by Sophie January 26, 2011 Abuse

Find the Rose in you. Smell her sweet smell and let her heal you. The Rose is the survivor. The more you cut her back, the more vital the rose grows anew. The rose has deep, vast and strong roots, deeply anchored in Mother Earth to keep her safe in storms and to bring her […]

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Find the Goddess in You

by Sophie January 23, 2011 Energy work

Find the Goddess in you and ask Her to create you. Ask Her to create with you. Find the God in you and ask Him to protect you. Ask Him to protect for you and with you. Balance and marry the Goddess and the God in you to raise your vibration and create, create, create. […]

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Trust and Surrender

by Sophie January 20, 2011 Awakening

After my post about Spiritual Intention, my wonderful friend Lisa Morrison posted a comment about “Struggling with the trust and surrender part”. I think it’s a fairly common reaction because most of us were raised in a culture where trust and surrender are not encouraged. Not to mention the lack of trust that is the […]

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Spiritual Intention

by Sophie January 17, 2011 Awakening

Spiritual goals depend on the intensity of our intention to turn into every day reality. So if you want to grow spiritually or find enlightenment or become one with the Divine, don’t worry about the time line. Don’t worry about how or when it will happen. Just be very clear that it will and that […]

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After 1.11.11

by Sophie January 12, 2011 Awakening

It seems as if yesterday was definitely a day when the truth of our heart was being shown and we were finding new balance: I witnessed a mother being given the chance to regroup around her kids, hold them and heal them which is what is really in her heart everyday, under all the hustle […]

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by Sophie January 11, 2011 Chakras

Today is 1.11.11 if you want to look at portals. 1.11.11 adds up to 5 for the Throat chakra that we use for the expression of truth and human creativity that either flow and create or get stuck and fester. Or 1.11.2011 which adds up to 7, the chakra of communicating with the Divine we […]

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2011 Heart Portal

by Sophie January 10, 2011 Awakening

I have been aware of 2011 being a portal year. 11 often works that way (See 11 Portal and  11 Peace Portal). But it did not occur to me until I was forecasting my yearly calendar today that if you add all the digits of 2011, as you often do in numerology to find the […]

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IONS: “Intention Does Have Physical Effects”

by Sophie January 8, 2011 Energy work

“A Compassionate Intention program [….] Meditation, heart opening, subtle energies” says Marilyn Schlitz, Phd. Need I say more? These are trained scientists, measuring and proving what healers have been saying for dozens of years. Pay attention to the work of IONS! It was only founded by Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut, scientist and Phd… And enjoy this […]

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Institute of Noetic Sciences & Intuition

by Sophie January 6, 2011 Inspiration

I just found a brilliant little video about intuition on the FaceBook page for one of my favorite organizations: IONS, the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Here it is and I hope you enjoy it: Have You Had A Noetic Experience? If you like them, have a look at their website here: Institute of Noetic Sciences. […]

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