2011 Heart Portal

by Sophie on January 10, 2011

I have been aware of 2011 being a portal year. 11 often works that way (See 11 Portal and  11 Peace Portal). But it did not occur to me until I was forecasting my yearly calendar today that if you add all the digits of 2011, as you often do in numerology to find the hidden meaning of a number or a name, you end up with 4. Did you also notice that 1.1.11 adds up to 4? So the first day of the year set the tone: all heart!

4 is the number of the Heart chakra. So here we have a whole year that is a portal to the heart. Of course it is true for each of us as individuals. But since it’s a year for everyone who follows the Western calendar, it definitely makes a very large collective event as well!

I suspect that 2011 is a portal to:

  • the next level of our own Heart = being more loving everyday
  • to a more open and unified collective Human Heart= seeing that the other is me
  • and to the Heart of God = the Matrix, pure Love, the Love who creates you and me infinitely

So here is to a magical, flowing and fruitful Heart Opening Year with 2011! And in two days I will talk about the opportunities I think are being offered to us with this Heart Portal.

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1 Sue January 10, 2011 at 10:37 am

Fascinating. I never put together the significance of 4 with the heart chakra when I work with numerology. But duh. Thank you, Sophie.
I, too, have been feeling that 2011 is a year about Love and Being Love and Receiving Love and getting more in touch and embracing Who We Really Are.


2 Sophie January 11, 2011 at 10:45 am

Yes Sue, which chakra it relates to and what issues are linked to the chakra is the first thing I look at when I use numerology. You must think about numbers and fractals all the time with your Mandala work!


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