December 2010

Energy House Clearing

by Sophie December 31, 2010 Chakras

If you follow the Western Calendar: Happy New Year! If you don’t: Happy New Day! We can all use a happy fresh start, right? In the past few days I have found it extremely helpful to do some energetic house clearing: to give back to others the energy and emotions that were theirs to send […]

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A Wave of Transformational Energy

by Sophie December 29, 2010 Angels

For the past three weeks I have been carried on a wave of transformational energy. Sometimes the insights are deep and sometimes they are really obvious. Overall the changes are easy to implement once I can see the pattern and most of the time I don’t even need to understand why it was there. I […]

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Embracing Oneness to Heal

by Sophie December 23, 2010 Family

The Solstice was a powerful charge of energy and several of you who were on the call or who listened to the replay felt transported to another place I think! However the energy of the Solstice was tough on a number of people. My work day normally starts at 10am but on Tuesday 21st, by […]

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Winter Solstice December 2010

by Sophie December 21, 2010 Awakening

Tuesday 21st at 6pm EST: Solstice Meditation ~my gift to you~ Just call in: Phone number: (617) 449-7724 PIN Code: 162287# or visit: ?eventID=16659120 for a (no cost) 30 minute meditation followed by any question you want to ask about the Solstice or what I have been blogging about recently. Tell your friends about […]

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The Spiritual Problem with Drama

by Sophie December 19, 2010 Divine Love

I discussed in my last post how having a lot of drama in our lives creates unnecessary negative karma, depletes us physically and robs us of positive emotions. I think drama also creates a spiritual problem. I think the body is hardwired to reach for the highs of what we call enlightenment. We are hardwired […]

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The Problem With Drama

by Sophie December 17, 2010 Emotions

In my last post I explained that I think Western culture is addicted to drama because we are told not to feel while growing up. Our energy systems and our bodies always wants to heal so we go to full blown drama in an attempt to teach ourselves to feel again. The problem is that: […]

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Why All the Drama?

by Sophie December 15, 2010 Depression

I think Western culture is addicted to drama. It makes us feel alive. It makes us FEEL. We are told NOT to feel for most of our childhood. Do you remember all the: “That doesn’t hurt!” even though the toddler is crying with pain. “You should be happy about this”¬† to a sulking, sad child. […]

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Angels Never Interfere

by Sophie December 13, 2010 Angels

In time of need, distress, despair, loneliness¬† or exhaustion, remember to ask an angel for help. They are always there, watching wanting to engage, help and support always on your side but they never interfere Gentle and delicate, aware and tender, remember, remember: they only come to you when asked to. So in time of […]

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Be at Peace

by Sophie December 11, 2010 Angels

Recently I was looking at photos and wondering if I had made the right decisions, way back when. A voice said very clearly to me: “You considered all the options very thoroughly. Be at peace” On hearing those words, I felt deep peace. There was no sense that I made the right or the wrong […]

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Surrender, Trust, Ask for Advice

by Sophie December 9, 2010 Divine Love

I think most decisions are too big for one person. I think most of the time we need more support than we acknowledge. Support from good procedure or practice guidelines, from a trusted friend, from a specialist, from angels, from the Divine. There is so much information out there. Whether you Google it, channel it, […]

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