November 2010

Every Day I Choose to Be Happy

by Sophie November 29, 2010 Awakening

Messed up or not, every day, every where, in every way, I choose to be  happy, centered and joyful to experience the mundane reality and the infinite depth of the moment. Every day, everywhere, in every way, I choose to love, to be loved and to be Love to bring Divine energy into the moment. […]

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How Messed up Am I?

by Sophie November 27, 2010 Depression

How long is a piece of string? Define messed up. Who’s doing the judging? Why does it matter? Who are we comparing you to? And why? The questions that really matter in my opinion are: How often do I feel good? How often do I achieve what I set out to do? How often do […]

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I Grew Up Without Thanksgiving

by Sophie November 25, 2010 Family

I grew up without Thanksgiving. In fact I did not know what it was until I was in my late 30s.  Now that I live in the USA I enjoy all the holidays, major and minor, and the way most people throw themselves into the festivities wholeheartedly but my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I give […]

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Ascension Intention

by Sophie November 23, 2010 Awakening

I believe that the whole planet is awakening. Or is it the universe? All of creation? And how YOU are going to feel about it, how you personally live through it depends on your intention I think. If you intend to awaken, focus on it, think about it and learn the techniques that will allow […]

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Why Do Ascension Symptoms Come Back?

by Sophie November 21, 2010 Awakening

Since you are dedicated to your spiritual growth and you dealt with the same ascension symptoms a few months or years ago, sometimes more than once already, why do they come back? Because we learn in a spiral. We think from learning facts at school that learning is linear but learning most often happens in […]

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How to Alleviate Ascension Symptoms

by Sophie November 19, 2010 Attunements

The best way to alleviate ascension symptoms is to give into them! They are only happening because you asked for your vibration to be raised, attuned to a higher vibration. So you are not being attacked from the outside! You are fulfilling your own soul’s purpose and intention and getting to where you want to […]

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Why Do We Have Ascension Symptoms?

by Sophie November 17, 2010 Awakening

Our bodies remember everything that happened to us in this life time. Often a specific event created a specific emotional reaction which is a specific hormonal or chemical reaction in the body. When those chemicals are stored in fat tissue or vital organs they can resurface later on  and make us feel like we did […]

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Ascension Symptoms

by Sophie November 15, 2010 Awakening

As we awaken, we raise our vibration. Some people think of it as ascension. As we raise our vibration we need to get rid of the toxins associated with our old way of being. This creates what are commonly called ‘ascension symptoms’.  Ascension symptoms vary tremendously from person to person. So how do you recognize […]

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Why Do We Resist Healing?

by Sophie November 13, 2010 Heart of God

We resist healing when we are protecting  a part of us that is really precious and valuable to us, a part that of us that is really sensitive and that was very hurt. I find the best way to dissolve resistance is not to talk about it or think about or feel bad for doing […]

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11.11 Peace Portal

by Sophie November 11, 2010 General

11.11 Where I come from 11.11 is known as Armistice Day because it marks the end of WWI. In the UK it is Remembrance Day and in the USA it is Veterans Day.”The terms of the agreement called for the cessation of fighting along the entire Western Front to begin at precisely 11 AM that […]

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