October 2010

A Nice Hot Cup of Tea

by Sophie October 30, 2010 Depression

I was talking about grief in yesterday’s blog post and it reminded me of a true story: When I was first living in Oxford, England, in the mid 80s, I overheard a conversation on a bus. The older lady had just lost a dear friend and was clearly very sad about it. The younger lady, […]

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Dealing with Grief

by Sophie October 28, 2010 Depression

I was inspired by a Facebook status from the wonderful Ellen Brown to share with you what I have found helpful when dealing with grief. 1- ASK:  sit down, be peaceful, ground myself, go within and ask: where is the grief held in my body? How does it feel? 2- FOLLOW THE THREAD: Where does […]

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With the Divine 24/7

by Sophie October 26, 2010 Attunements

The essence of what I offer my clients is the connection that I was given as a result of prayers, intention and a desire to live with the Divine 24/7. Of course we are all capable of such connection and I believe it is the mutation of our century that as a race we are […]

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A Timeless Attunement

by Sophie October 24, 2010 Attunements

I received a new attunement on Wednesday. I came across the work of a Spiritual Master I had not heard of before. I read the account of another healer meeting him recently, felt the energy he channelled and wished I could feel that energy in person some day. Immediately I felt transported into a timeless […]

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Being a Safe Healer

by Sophie October 22, 2010 Attunements

I think most healers have been shaken & pushed over the past 20 years.  They have had to let go of the bulk of their old negative patterns, relocate, redefine all their relationships, be true to their calling. Such  deep and frequent changes have made them very aware and prepared them to handle just about […]

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Putting Old Fears to Rest

by Sophie October 20, 2010 Depression

The energy of the past two weeks has been pushing me hard to work on myself daily and change fast. I know that we are all going through similar changes at the moment. The changes that feel as if they come from the outside of us often feel like small deaths or sadness. Of course […]

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Inspiration by Kim Merrill

by Sophie October 18, 2010 General

The wonderful painter Kimberly Merrill posted this as  a comment on one of my recent blog posts on intuition and I want to give her a whole post because her experience was wonderful, inspiring and typical of what happens when the Divine decides to work through you. Enjoy! Hi Sophie, I’d like to share with […]

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The Superconscious

by Sophie October 16, 2010 Attunements

I read the phrase today: “Burrow beneath the subconscious” and it fits perfectly what is happening at the moment for those of us who are going through the process of uncovering deeply hidden pools of denial, delusion and illusion as I described in my last post. We have the conscious and the subconscious or unconscious. […]

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Out of Delusion

by Sophie October 14, 2010 Divine Love

I am hearing from many healers and light workers about having to look at deeply hidden recesses of denial at the moment. Of course yours truly, as usual, is totally in synch with the Universe and with the fate of her environment and going through the same process. The things I am learning and discovering […]

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Why I Am a Healer

by Sophie October 12, 2010 Depression

I am a healer because I want to change the world. I am a healer because when I meet someone who does not smile, I want to hear their pain and hold it tenderly until they remember, until from the depth of their soul and body the desire for joy springs again. What keeps me […]

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