September 2010

Bodies Attuning to our Souls

by Sophie September 30, 2010 Angels

I am hearing from many powerful and connected energy workers who, like me: 1- are learning some hard lessons about patience and intuition through their body and pay quite a price when they do not listen to said intuition. 2- are feeling very connected with Archangels at the moment. It feels as if we are […]

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Blessing your Way to the Divine

by Sophie September 28, 2010 Attunements

The part of my job I like the most is that it always ends up showing me a way to love someone. I might not like them but there is always something to love in a person, even if it’s only their vulnerability, or their need to trust or their desire to love. At the […]

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All You Need is Love

by Sophie September 27, 2010 Love

While recovering from the concussion I was sent this link: All You need is Love I had it playing in 4 different tabs at the same time and it was very nice! Enjoy!

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The Cosmic Hammer

by Sophie September 25, 2010 Divine Love

I walked into a concrete pipe and gave myself a concussion last Sunday. Since then: 1- it has become palpably true to me that ALL IS LOVE. I mean everything in the world is love. It’s all made of love, all of it. 2- All that matters is love. By Tuesday all I could think […]

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The Power of my Intention

by Sophie September 23, 2010 Energy work

I realized last Spring that when I turned my attention to raising kids in a rather alternative way, I did that well. When I turned my attention to healing, I not only healed myself from abuse and multiple physical ailments, I also learned enough to teach others how to heal themselves. After I healed my […]

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Equinox Intention

by Sophie September 22, 2010 Equinox

September Equinox is here. In the Northern hemisphere it means that we have been harvesting the summer abundance and the growing season is over for this year. We are about to start a new year in terms of natural and therefore personal growth if we are in synch with our environment. Now is a good […]

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Travelling to the Light

by Sophie September 21, 2010 Angels

A healer can be like a mother, a friend, a therapist, a spiritual guide or a good technician. Hopefully your healer is all of these things at once. Your healer is also your traveling guide. There is A LOT we don’t know about ‘out there’ and about the Divine. But healers know more about it […]

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Mentoring for Healers: Join us!

by Sophie September 19, 2010 Attunements

On Thursday we had the first class of my 10 month Mentoring for Healers programĀ  and we had a phenomenal, fantastic time of deep relaxation, learning and healing. I love doing healing but teaching healing is even more fun! It really is the passion of my life! Ok, it’s the passion of my life after […]

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Take the Second Road to Intuition

by Sophie September 15, 2010 Intuition

Yesterday I was driving out of a friend’s place. She lives on a steep hill and the roads are narrow so I always check my brakes and think about safety driving back down to the main road. As I left her drive yesterday the friendly voice in my head was very clear: “Take the second […]

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Keeping Balanced

by Sophie September 14, 2010 Attunements

I was asked twice in the last few days if I ever get out of balance or if I have been doing energy work long enough now that it’s second nature and I am all set. I do still get out of balance. My inner turmoil can create extremes at times. But I have so […]

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