August 2010

Second Chakra Roller Coaster

by Sophie August 31, 2010 Chakras

The month of August has been a roller coaster ride for relationships. For the energy techies among us, we are talking serious second chakra clearing and growth! It seems that everyone who is on a path of awareness and spiritual growth has been: challenged in a very close (usually romantic) relationship shown a deep weakness […]

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I Can Show You How to Heal

by Sophie August 25, 2010 Energy work

I really got it today, to the core of me:  as a human being the best I can do is to be loving and honest and as a healer I am only a skilled technician. When someone tells me that they want to change but they don’t know HOW, I can show them how. I know […]

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The Energy That Provides For Us

by Sophie August 20, 2010 Love

MASTINSAYS I cannot explain it with logic, but I can explain it with experience… There is an Energy which we all came from, are a part of right now and will return to. This Energy speaks to us in ways that defy the rational conditioning of the mind. When we listen, we will always be […]

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Is Energy Work Hard Work?

by Sophie August 16, 2010 Energy work

Mostly no! Energy work is not hard work: it’s fun, it’s playful, it’s engaging! If after a while you don’t have fun with it, then it’s not for you! Of course as you play, you may uncover some core issues with a big shadow and those are not fun to face. Inevitably, as you face […]

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What is Your Soul Contract?

by Sophie August 14, 2010 Past lives

Your soul contract is what your soul promised to achieve before you incarnated. You may have made that decision 5 minutes before you were born, as you were dying in a previous life, as you took oaths in past lives, as you were being created during what we think of as the Big Bang or […]

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Rise above Depression

by Sophie August 13, 2010 Attunements

“All adverse and depressing influences can be overcome, not by fighting, by rising above them” ~ Charles C Colton  and that is exactly why attunements work! When you engage in a fight with something or someone, you put more attention on what you do NOT want and give more power to the dynamics that you […]

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Energy Drain?

by Sophie August 12, 2010 Energy work

The most wonderful Dan Hays wrote this comment in response to my Enjoying Changing Relationships post: “Some people who have been in my life were “dragging me down” and I’ve noticed myself letting them go and backing away from them. Some who are supposedly there for me, I suddenly realized weren’t as emotionally invested in […]

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Enjoying Changing Relationships

by Sophie August 5, 2010 Vibration

Recently I have been hearing a lot of stories from clients and friends who feel like their relationships are changing, business, friendship, family as well as  romance. I think the “Shift” has happened already so our vibration is being raised and changing even faster than before. As a result of which: others don’t recognize who […]

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