May 2010

Today is a Strong Goddess Day

by Sophie May 27, 2010 General

It is a special GoddessCreation day It falls on a full moon It falls on a Thursday for Universal Love So pay attention to: your emotions as they guide you small details as they give you clues for today much will be revealed from the Invisible to us. I am certainly looking forward to it! […]

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Raphael or Gabriel?

by Sophie May 24, 2010 Angels

I had an interesting experience a few days ago. I was being visited by an archangel. When I asked who he was, he said: “Raphael”. We talked. When he left a different but similarly large presence stood by me. We chatted and I asked who he was. “Gabriel” he said. For the next thirty minutes […]

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Removing Energy Shields

by Sophie May 23, 2010 General

Recently I have found myself doing some new work for many of my clients: I am removing energy shields. As you know I can see energy as clearly as I see the furniture in my living room and recently dense structures have been shown to me in several clients’ energies. They are definitely shields that […]

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You Can Make Anything Happen

by Sophie May 21, 2010 General

You need to do this really fast No second guessing. Here is a magic spiritual wand You have one wish. You can make anything happen RIGHT NOW. What is it? Let me know in a comment below

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Mind Chatter

by Sophie May 20, 2010 General

Another change brought by the recent energy upgrade is that I am now keenly aware of my mind chatter. I have been training myself for years so I am really good at consciously thinking positive. And after 20 years of Buddhist meditation training, I thought I could control my mind and at least be aware […]

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More Tears? Release Pain!

by Sophie May 19, 2010 General

Last Sunday was hard on a lot of people. It brought up: more tears depression accidents feelings of loneliness or isolation Where did it come from? From: having old issues come up again when we thought they were solved being faced with the consequences of poor choices experiencing the consequences of complacency the need to […]

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Staying Balanced During the Shift

by Sophie May 18, 2010 General

Many of us are feeling like the sheer SPEED and DEPTH of the shift is leaving us: still feeling disoriented like we need to re-evaluate how we respond to life (yes, again) like we are getting used to doing things differently that as our vibration rises, we are not compatible with some of the people […]

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Another Little Story About Enlightenment

by Sophie May 17, 2010 General

Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

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Being or Doing?

by Sophie May 16, 2010 Intuition

We are human BEINGS some say. All that doing and running around gets you nowhere fast. All that being and knowing who you are is pointless: you need to TAKE ACTION. When is a girl to meditate and when is she to take action with all this conflicting advice? I think both are right: the […]

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Restoring Integrity

by Sophie May 15, 2010 General

When the integrity of who we are is raped or violated in any way, physically, emotionally, spiritually or psychologically, it sets us on a course: of wanting to hide the wound then the shame of wanting to hide the part of us that has become vulnerable because we think it is going to protect us […]

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