March 2010

Thank you for my Birthday wishes!

by Sophie March 31, 2010 General

Thank you so much to everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday! I had a fantastic birthday week end, with special treats, great food, beautiful pictures, thoughtful gestures and even a modern art museum visit! I felt surrounded by endless love and support! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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Breakdowns Are Good

by Sophie March 27, 2010 General

The general consensus is that breakdowns are bad. Unwanted, unpleasant, destructive, damaging, disruptive. Nobody likes them. Of course. Nor do we invite them in. But when a nervous breakdown happens, is it really the end of the world? or is it a chance to build anew? What is broken needs to be built again and […]

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From Le Petit Prince, Chapitre IV

by Sophie March 26, 2010 General

Mais personne ne l’avait cru à cause de son costume. Les grandes personnes sont comme ça. Heureusement, pour la réputation de l’astéroide B 612 un dictateur turc imposa à son peuple, sous peine de mort, de s’habiller à l’Européenne. L’astronome refit se démonstration en 1920, dans un habit très élégant. Et cette fois-ci tout le […]

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Angel Presence

by Sophie March 25, 2010 Angels

I learned several years ago that whatever I go through spiritually is a reflection of what is going on ‘in the universe’. I obviously go with the general flow. So considering the visits, feelings and messages I have been having for the past 10 days I will say that ANGELS and ARCHANGELS are VERY present […]

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Things that keep me going: Inspiration

by Sophie March 24, 2010 Angels

I am often asked how I keep going. The first thing I do is to constantly look for inspiration. 1- My main inspiration comes from the Divine, of course. It comes to me through: angels guidance other healers’ readings, sessions and advice dreams walking meditation sitting meditation trusted friends’ comments Reiki sessions I give myself […]

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Saturday’s Angels

by Sophie March 23, 2010 Angels

I had two very clear angel encounters on Saturday. 1- I was emotionally upset. A current situation was stirring up old childhood pain. It is my intention to stay in joy and away from those old wounds. So I asked for help with the pain. Nearly instantly I felt surrounded, supported, soothed. The pain was […]

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Inspired Decision

by Sophie March 22, 2010 General

I have been thinking about inspiration lately. More specifically: how do I make an inspired decision? You know the kind of decision I feel really good about, everything falls into place easily, other people like it, the outcome is good for all concerned. By definition an inspired decision comes from Spirit (Merriam Webster: “inspired: outstanding […]

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Protected Feminine Energy Today

by Sophie March 2, 2010 General

Because of the energies that are at play today it is a very good day to do Goddess work & to connect with the Feminine aspect of the Divine in a safe & protected way. So it is a good day to resolve whatever relationship upsets arose last Friday. I noticed last week-end a lot […]

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Be Lost in the Call by Rumi

by Sophie March 1, 2010 General

Be Lost in the Call Lord, said David, since you do not need us, why did you create these two worlds? Reality replied: O prisoner of time, I was a secret treasure of kindness and generosity, and I wished this treasure to be known, so I created a mirror: its shining face, the heart; its […]

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