February 2010

Beloved Divine

by Sophie February 25, 2010 Angels

Sometimes the Divine speaks to me directly because I need to be silent, I need peace and quiet, I need to regroup, re-balance, walk alone.The voice is very clear at such times: I can tell the difference between various angels. I know which archangel is holding me in its embrace or singing to me. I […]

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by Sophie February 24, 2010 General

Can you be held responsible for being inspirational? There are people in my life who inspire me every time I interact with them. They are the fountain I keep going back to, they refresh me or they fire me up, they balance me, they challenge me, they nurture me. Last night I received a long […]

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Ask an Angel

by Sophie February 20, 2010 Angels

Because Planetary Awakening abilities are being revealed now, many of us are increasingly able to see, hear or feel angels. And we can talk about it openly. Some of us are also realizing that we have some angelic qualities even though we are still very human (see my November 2009 posts Angels Aren’t Nice and […]

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A Healing Valentine

by Sophie February 11, 2010 Love

A Healing Valentine I am sure you have all noticed that Valentine’s day is upon us. Hard to avoid, right? I really like these portal days where the collective puts its attention onto a specific aspect of life. I find it makes it a lot easier to do energy work around that issue and to […]

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