November 2009

Foundation of All Life

by Sophie November 29, 2009 General

Sitting on top of the worldThe horizon so distantthe space between me and an infinity of possibilities so vastmy breath relaxes and expands at lasti sigh with reliefshame evaporates in an instantpeace settlesand i remember human dignityI am aware onlyof the Love this place was built uponof the Love that is the foundation of all […]

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Choosing that Love Matters

by Sophie November 26, 2009 General

Last night my kids were chatting in the car: What are you going to say you are thankful for tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner?” They kept going for quite a while, it ranged from”I LOVE my life!” to “Actually, I am REALLY thankful for these shoes!” They meant it. And so do I: thank you for […]

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Thank You For Sharing!

by Sophie November 25, 2009 General

In the past month three Twitter followers have told me that my tweets and this blog ‘held them together’ during ‘dark times’. One said that it ‘saved his life’. I love them with my whole heart! I am SO thankful that they shared with me and made me feel valued and so thankful that I […]

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Sane is Safe

by Sophie November 24, 2009 General

When we start developing healing powers, we are often scared by the information we are given, by our new abilities or by our power. This is no small matter as rapid or deep change can really unsettle our self image disorganize our thinking make us doubt ourselves create depression put pressure on our relationships with […]

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What I Am Worth

by Sophie November 23, 2009 General

I really got it this week end: how much I earn and what kind of relationships I have with people have little to do with my skills, my ability or what I want. Instead they are a direct reflection of what I UNCONSCIOUSLY believe I am worth or I deserve. My childhood programming, unresolved past […]

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Protecting Human Angels

by Sophie November 17, 2009 Angels

Tuesday is always such a good day to think about protection and healthy boundaries. I had so many great comments after my Angels Aren’t Nice post. Thank you everyone! I love it when my thinking aloud in a blog turns to dialog. Two main points have come from all this: 1- ACCEPT THE DICHOTOMY INTO […]

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Angels Aren’t Nice

by Sophie November 13, 2009 Angels

Angels aren’t nice. They are compassionate. They are helpful. They are disembodied and therefore more nimble in their actions.   Angels love you more than you will ever comprehend while in a human body. Angels will save your life or your children’s lives, whisper guidance in your ear, sing to you as yo uawake, embrace […]

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The Void Becomes a Flow of Love

by Sophie November 12, 2009 General

There will be more coming up about all this in my upcoming ebook but in short and to help you all through these few days: the past 3 weeks were a detox of resentment and OLD HIDDEN poisonous thoughts yesterday was a portal out of self defeating patterns and opening the way into a future […]

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11.11 Portal

by Sophie November 10, 2009 General

I was raised and learned to think in a most rational, Cartesian environment. So I am a true skeptic. But 5 years ago, I noticed strange things started to happen in my life every August, every 11.11 and every Easter. A couple of websites gave me useful information. Mostly I had to relax into feeling […]

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It’s Not Just You!

by Sophie November 9, 2009 General

In the past 3 weeks the universal energies that facilitate our awakening and ascension have been very intense again. Someone mentioned ‘crazy energy fluctuations’ It has created physical and emotional detox leading to more clarity. Of course where there is clarity more Light can come in, which is the whole purpose: to be lighter and […]

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