October 2009

How Do You Reach Enlightenment?

by Sophie October 23, 2009 Vibration

How do you reach Enlightenment?At the moment it is being made easier by the fact that the whole of creation is raising its vibration like never before. Many more are becoming ‘enlightened’ more easily. Having said that, some paths will bring you there faster than others: 1- spontaneous enlightenment experience, often while in nature 2- […]

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Surf the Wave

by Sophie October 12, 2009 General

Every so often something or somebody blows your whole world open. Someone speaks their LOVE for someone or for a passion in their life softly and confidently and we watch life create itself. From the brink of despair, destruction or delusion, a miracle happens. The wall turns into a gateway and Light comes streaming through, […]

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The Portal of Enlightenment

by Sophie October 8, 2009 General

What is this portal that I spoke of on Tuesday August 4? The portal to the Heart of God. The portal was always there. It used to dwell in the heart of some very special Saints who had given up their lives in service to humanity and whose ego had become non existent. These special […]

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Gateways in Multi-dimensional Time

by Sophie October 7, 2009 General

If you think that time is linear and if you think that something will take a long time to happen, then it will. If you think that time is multi-dimensional and that each second contains eternity then your consciousness can go into another world, into the past, into the future or into ANY plane of […]

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Practicing Surrender

by Sophie October 6, 2009 General

Surrender. Sounds scary? It can be. Because we are not used to it. Because we have had bad experiences of being out of control. So we need to practice. First surrender the small things. Don’t start with letting go of your day job and not knowing how your mortgage will get paid! Start small, with […]

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Abuse is Confusing

by Sophie October 5, 2009 General

The worst thing about having been routinely abused is thatYOU DON’T KNOW You don’t know that you were abused. You don’t really know how bad it was until much, much later. You don’t know what is ‘normal’. You don’t know what is healthy. You don’t know what real love is. You don’t know who to […]

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Second Sunday with Sophie: Oct. 11th

by Sophie October 3, 2009 General

On Sunday, Oct. 11th we will come together for October’s “Second Sunday with Sophie”. This month: Breathing and special guest, Harmon Hathaway Harmon Hathaway, President of the American Yoga Association will be joining us this month as we discuss breathing and how it helps us with grounding. Harmon teaches alignment yoga and has a number […]

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She is One With Love

by Sophie October 2, 2009 General

The wonderful Suzanne Williams sent me this haiku on Twitter: Her arms move to thebeat of silent awarenessShe is one with Love And said to me: When I wrote this it reminded me of YOU! :0) Could I wish 4 a better friend?

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Being Still While in Motion

by Sophie October 1, 2009 General

Tuesday’s post was about learning to listen to the whispers of the Divine before She hits us with Her cosmic hammer and wakes us up in our private lives with a disastrous divorce or bankruptcy or on a global level with an earth quake or a tsunami. Do you remember how we all felt affected […]

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