September 2009

Are You Listening?

by Sophie September 29, 2009 General

Yesterday (Monday) I was swept by a huge wave of energy and at 6:43 PM Sep 28th felt a strong urge to tweet: “When God whispers do you hear her? Or do you wait for the tsunami before you listen?” I thought I was using a metaphor. All day today (Tuesday) I wanted to cry. […]

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When I Stand in the Center

by Sophie September 28, 2009 General

I never know how God’s voice is going to reach me and when it does it takes my breath away every time! When I stand in the center, what moves and what stands still changes. When I stand in Her center Creation spins around me. I surrenderThere, through the Heart of God I love all. […]

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by Sophie September 26, 2009 General

Recently @kelvinringold tweeted: “Winning is relative, you know. Sometimes losing can be winning.” which brought me back to one of my favorite topics at the moment: What is success? By which I mean: what is success for me? I had my upper arm tattooed when I was 22 years old to be reminded daily that […]

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The Healer at the Water Cooler

by Sophie September 24, 2009 Healing

Every week someone asks me what I want out of life, what my goals are, why am I not super wealthy yet if I understand the Law of Attraction and if I am as powerful energetically as I say I am. They are all very good questions and I have spent days answering those questions […]

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by Sophie September 23, 2009 General

Eternity is now Eternity is in each moment Stop Breathe Each moment is eternity When you find eternity in the moment, you find PEACE

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Divine Conference

by Sophie September 22, 2009 General

When we are a healers in essence, whether we work as one or not, some days we are more influenced by outer energies than usual. Of course we have free will, we can choose to block things out. My experience of doing so is that it either stunts my growth or results in missed opportunities. […]

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We Are Loving by Nature

by Sophie September 19, 2009 General

I believe that the Divine is Love in action = Loving and therefore we are also loving by nature. We always strive to heal, grow and create. We do the best we can with what we know, ALWAYS. And when we know better we do better . We only deceive ourselves in as much as […]

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Dismantling the Ego

by Sophie September 16, 2009 General

After yesterday which was a magnificent Loving Goddess day, I was fully expecting to have another sun-filled glittery day. But no, today was a weird day. People falling, getting hurt, acting and speaking from their ego when you least expect it, crying, feeling negative and disheartened, saying they are tired or lonely beyond words. Feeling […]

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An Emotional Day

by Sophie September 15, 2009 General

Today was deeply emotional for a lot of people, in a loving way. Many have told me they spontaneously burst into tears, either in joy, in gratitude or in awe: all good. If you reached out for Kleenex and chocolate, you were in good company! There was an opportunity for all loving relationships to deepen, […]

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Today Was Love

by Sophie September 10, 2009 Love

So we found out what today was made of and that was most definitely love! Thursday will do that to you and connect you to Universal Love most weeks if you let yourself be carried away into it of course. But today was particularly lovely and several friends commented about it on and off line. […]

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