August 2009

Sophie Lhoste Healing: Quantum Healing Workshops

by Sophie August 25, 2009 General

FROM PAIN TO JOY WITH PURPOSE 1- Go from pain to love and joy All the new research proves that we learn best when we are interacting, when we are engaged and dialoguing, when we are experiencing. This is why this workshop is about 20% teaching (that’s me talking to you)and 80% experiential (that’s you […]

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What is Always There? Love

by Sophie August 17, 2009 Love

The Secret. What is the secret? Love. What is real? Love.What has ‘been around for centuries’? LoveWhat can you trust because it is ALWAYS there? LoveWhat can you trust because it is who and what you are? Love, Love, Love, Love!What is the gateway to success? Love!What is the gateway to the universe? Love!What is […]

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The Lesson of the River

by Sophie August 14, 2009 General

I often take my kids to the River. Where I live there are many within walking distance, all exquisitely beautiful all year and fun and cool in the heat of summer. Also because I go there to do rituals that enhance my life in a myriad of unexpected ways. Last month I took a very […]

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Psychic Protection Teleclass

by Sophie August 14, 2009 General

If you are a healer, a natural healer or an emergent healer, you need PSYCHIC PROTECTION: Iron-clad, fool proof, tried and tested psychic protection, which is exactly what I am going to teach you in my Psychic Protection teleclass on Thursday August 27 at 9 pm EST ( 8pm CT, 6pm PAC) I am offering […]

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What is the Violet Flame?

by Sophie August 13, 2009 General

WHAT IS THE VIOLET FLAME? The Violet Flame is a spiritual energy is perceived as a purplish/violet light has the qualities of: letting go forgiveness TRANSMUTATION The Violet Flame was given to humanity by the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Guy Ballard to whom he first appeared in the early 1930s. St Germain gave Ballard […]

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Psychic Protection

by Sophie August 12, 2009 General

“I want to be more Psychic.” “I want to be more intuitive” are frequent requests from my clients. No problem: just give me a second to find my magic wand. Ok seriously: what does it take to be more psychic or intuitive? 1. It takes TRUST in your own abilities2. It takes CONFIDENCE that you […]

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Can You Feel the Planetary Awakening?

by Sophie August 11, 2009 General

“I don’t feel all the things that you describe in your blog” and “I feel some of what you describe but not as strongly as you do” I hear several times a week. “I know something is happening energetically but I can’t make sense of it the way you do. What’s wrong with me?” There […]

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Flow Into Oneness

by Sophie August 7, 2009 General

Today drink from the flow of life. Open up to the Heavens and receive blessings. There is nothing much to do: just surrender, open up and enjoy. Your vibration is being raised fast. Clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts are acute. The seventh chakra is vibrant and the eighth chakra (interpersonal) is actively searching for positive connections. […]

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Moody Day for Everyone!

by Sophie August 6, 2009 General

Today is the 3rd eclipse in 5 weeks according to the very wonderful and very accurate Kim Gould of Love Your Design. All I know is that everyone is moody and irritable, with stomach aches all over the place. Healers and children are being particularly affected. If you or your children are feeling this way, […]

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Sunday Bliss and Tuesday Sadness This Week

by Sophie August 4, 2009 General

In my post “Emotions are the gateway to the Spiritual” last Friday I was warning myself I think that “when we birth something new some old things will die for sure“. It’s been 3 days of old things dying and it feels like 2 months worth of energy work and living happened in those 3 […]

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