July 2009

Emotions are the Gateway to the Spiritual

by Sophie July 31, 2009 General

Sixteen years ago this week I nearly died while giving birth to my first child. She and I both survived thanks to the wonderful midwives and doctors who took over when her and I forgot how to dance the birth dance. Birth and death. And support. We forget that every time a woman has sex […]

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Angelic Human Race

by Sophie July 30, 2009 Angels

A friend just sent me this about Planetary Awakening and Human Angels. He sent it to me because as he was watching it my face appeared to him and he felt he had to pass this on to me. When I watched it I burst into tears of relief that someone was explaining who I […]

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Firing the Grid II

by Sophie July 29, 2009 Ascension

Oops, sorry! Totally missed that one and did not think to post about the second firing of the grid as I thought it would be sweet and smooth sailing for everyone, including me. Yesterday I was invited by a girlfriend I really love to share her blanket at a Concert in the Park. And let […]

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Obviously Something Bigger was Going On

by Sophie July 28, 2009 Ascension

A deeply spiritual friend recently wrote to me: “Was just reading through you older blog posts & discovered I too have been having similar experiences. I really connect to the post Saturday July 11 – huge sadness. I went through that too – thought it was just me. Obviously something bigger was going on” We […]

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Divine Feminine Portal Today

by Sophie July 26, 2009 Divine Love

I have just realized why I had such a fuzzy head and finding it near impossible to think in a linear way today: it is a very very special day for working with the Divine Feminine. If you consciously work with the Goddess, her awakening or the rebalancing of the male an female energies, today […]

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Visited by an Angel

by Sophie July 26, 2009 Angels

Have you ever been visited by an Angel? It feels truly wonderful: Unconditional Love. The softest Golden Light. Absolute Peace. Knowing that you are eternal. Feeling you belong. Of course other energies allow you to feel this way! When you go straight to the Light, to Source, to the Divine, all those delightful qualities are […]

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What I love about Energy Healing

by Sophie July 24, 2009 Energy work

What I love about energy healing is the more I do it/live it the more I see the best in people. So now I consciously arrange my life that way: 1- I moved back to live in a very friendly, safe small town where people really care about each other and each other’s kids. It […]

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New Energy Healing Peace

by Sophie July 16, 2009 Ascension

After days of tension we had some peace for a very short while and before I could blog about the quiet time and how peaceful it was the next wave started again at about 7PM EST today. THANK YOU to all who took the time to share in response to my last Energy Healing Upgrade […]

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Energy Healing Upgrade

by Sophie July 14, 2009 Ascension

We had a short break. Yesterday at noon USA EST the energy became less intense, calmer. Lots of opportunities opened up, a lot of support came forward. I slept beautifully last night and woke up refreshed. Since 9AM USA EST it feels like the dial has been turned up again and the waves of energy […]

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Huge Energy Wave Tonight

by Sophie July 12, 2009 Ascension

Something is up people: we are in the process of receiving a huge wave of energy as I am writing this. 1- Huge Sadness For me it started 2 days ago with humongous waves of sadness. I cried uncontrollably. It was like drowning in pain and sadness, an ocean of tears. I have reason to […]

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