June 2009

My Protectors

by Sophie June 30, 2009 Attunements

This post is a deep, heartfelt thank you to a man who is my friend, my client, my student, my colleague, my teacher, my astrologer, a family friend but most of all my protector. What is different about this man is that he is not and has never been responsible for me in any official […]

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Post- Solstice Collective Awakening

by Sophie June 29, 2009 Awakening

Since the Summer Solstice two weeks ago, my world has completely changed. Again. Compared with before the solstice, this is what is new: I can hear guidance much more clearly. I can see my clients patterns of health and dis-ease even more clearly. I can tell what people think and really mean much more easily […]

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The Light of Summer Solstice

by Sophie June 22, 2009 Quantum Healing

Why is the solstice important? Why do we feel we have this opportunity to change fast and deeply, in ways we don’t really understand? Why are we having these vivid, sometimes disturbing dreams? Why is this all happening at this time of year and not any other? It all starts with how much light is […]

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Earthing New Energy (an attunement)

by Sophie June 21, 2009 Attunements

The only way to benefit from a download of powerful spiritual energy (also called an attunement) is to EARTH it, to ground it, like you do with a lightning bolt. I am not being metaphorical: energy travels inside your body in the form of minute electric signal so a sudden load of energy coming from […]

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Spontaneous Attunements

by Sophie June 21, 2009 Ascension

Because of  Planetary Awakening, when you are ready for the change of healing, + you are willing to do the work that needs to be done now, + you have enough support in place in your life to allow you to do this safely, = you will receive spontaneous attunements. I currently receive one every […]

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How to Stay Comfortable During the Solstice

by Sophie June 20, 2009 Energy work

With this solstice, the heavens are really opening and reaching down to us. Physically, it can be a little uncomfortable: from a tingly sensation, to heaviness in the head and neck, which could turn to a full blown headache. Or heaviness in the legs. Vivid dreams, sometimes disturbing. Surprising, spontaneous, new found abilities. The best […]

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Cosmic Upgrade for the Solstice

by Sophie June 17, 2009 Healing

Tonight on Twitter I playfully tweeted “Dear Universe, please take a vacation and stop challenging me.” and it was re-tweeted many times! Do you know why? Because we have all been feeling this accelerating change and spiritual learning for the past decade and particularly for the last 7 months. The December 08 winter solstice was unsettlingly powerful and kicked […]

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Love for Myself Is

by Sophie June 17, 2009 Forgiveness

Love for myself is being aware. Love for myself is walking away from abuse, however subtle and however familiar. Love for myself is spending time with people who BUILD ME UP! Love for myself is being aware of my boundaries. Love for myself is being aware of the little things that make me joyful. Love […]

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Being With the Kids IS the Spiritual Workshop

by Sophie June 11, 2009 Energy work

Of course family comes first and children’ s needs come first. I know: I am a Mom to 3 and a step mom to 2. I was pregnant, breastfeeding or homeschooling for over 16 years, non-stop: that’s kids 24/7 !! During that time: I was earning an income from home. I became a Reiki Master, […]

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What Quantum Healing Can Do For Children

by Sophie June 9, 2009 Allergies

Tonight I was called to help with a 6 year old boy who had a bad reaction to his steroid medication combined to some other medication. His asthma was bad. His pulse was erratic. “Sometimes 19, sometimes 25” said his mother and that is what prompted her to call me. After about 15 minutes of […]

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