May 2009

Twitter is a Funny Thing

by Sophie May 23, 2009 Quantum Healing

Twitter is a funny thing. It’s a boomerang: what you throw out there comes right backatcha! And it is a mirror: what you feel and believe is reflected back even faster than in other parts of life. Twitter is a wishing well: whatever I want in the morning always appears in my stream usually within […]

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Trust my Intuition.

by Sophie May 22, 2009 Intuition

In my earlier post How Do I Know it’s my Intuition? I told you that intuition is all about practice. I still practice with my intuition daily and learning how it works in my life. Today was our first really hot summer day so I decided to stay at the dojo during my daughter’s karate class […]

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Turn the Shame Into Love

by Sophie May 21, 2009 Abuse

I am in agony of pain. It doesn’t happen often anymore. But today I am in agony of pain. On Twitter I am known as ‘Happy Sophie’, ‘Wise Sophie’, ‘Wonderful Sophie’. All the loving things people say about me. I love Tweeples for saying all this and I love myself for bringing all these friends […]

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What to do About Panetary Awakening

by Sophie May 16, 2009 Ascension

So you read my post Planetary Awakening and you know I am talking about YOU. Maybe you had a near death experience. Maybe you had a spontaneous enlightenment experience as a child. Or enlightenment came after years of practice. Maybe you always knew that you were extraordinarily sensitive and intuitive. Or you remember the days […]

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How do I know it’s my Intuition?

by Sophie May 8, 2009 Intuition

How do I know it’ s my intuition and not some crazy thought? How do I know I am being guided? How do I know my mind is not playing games with me? Practice. That’s the high-tech, woowoo, deeply spiritual answer: PRACTICE. There is no secret to intuition: it’s simple and it’s useful. Anything that […]

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Why Everything Matters

by Sophie May 6, 2009 Intention

Life is a collection of small moments. When we look back or look ahead we see the whole and call it ‘my life’, but really there is no such thing as ‘my life’ since it is only my consciousness going from one moment to another and each moment is over in a second. Each instant […]

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The Time is Now To Be Spiritual

by Sophie May 3, 2009 Awakening

“I have kids so I can’t do my spiritual work now.” “I am responsible for a family so I need to have a job and I can’t dedicate myself to my life’s work at the moment.’ ” I know I have a higher purpose in life but I can’t make it happen now because I […]

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