11.11 Peace Portal

by Sophie on November 11, 2010


Where I come from 11.11 is known as Armistice Day because it marks the end of WWI. In the UK it is Remembrance Day and in the USA it is Veterans Day.”The terms of the agreement called for the cessation of fighting along the entire Western Front to begin at precisely 11 AM that morning.” (from eyewitnesstohistory.com)

Healers, light workers and spiritual seekers around the world have declared 11.11 “World Peace Meditation day“.

Different facets of the diamond of life, same core idea: we celebrate peace and the warriors who help us create or maintain that peace.

A few Peace Warriors:

  • The heart can only be relaxed and loving when it is protected by a healthy solar plexus
  • A woman creates a more relaxed and loving family when her partner is a good provider and protector
  • Het Heru and Auset blossom when Herukhti protects them
  • Peace in the world can only exist when we have inner peace
  • Peace in the world can only exist when we own our own potential for violence
  • peace can only exist when we respect our own boundaries and sense of self and at the same time are aware of limitless, infinite Love (that’s the fulcrum point between the two 11)

Peace and warriors are inextricably linked in our earthly reality. And of course every time that we collectively think the same thought at the same time we create an energy  path that becomes easier and easier to tread. In the case of 11.11 we even created a PORTAL. A gateway when it is easy to cross over into another dimension for a day. After all, the end of a major war is the beginning of a lot of hope! It is definitely a portal into the future. Not to mention all the souls who departed during the conflict and guide us in our endeavours towards a more peaceful and loving world.

Peace warriors come in many shapes and they all guide us through the portal towards Oneness between enemies and between the Light side and the shadow side within each one of us.

Have a wonderful 11.11, whichever way you celebrate it! We are all One.

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