Energy Work to Heal Past Pain

For empaths, intuitives, and  trauma/abuse survivors, it can be difficult to heal from past pain even when you choose to think positive, or practice meditation, because your subconscious and your body still resonate with your wounds, and keep you stuck through no fault of your own. It’s easy end up in a job you don’t like, with relationships that nurture everyone except you, plagued by anxiety or chronic illness.

If you are feeling lonely and exhausted but you are ready to heal and re-write your story, together we can free you from trauma inflicted in this lifetime, clear out past lives and family karma, even heal your DNA.

I have 20 years of experience as a working healer and I offer very effective and safe energy healing which is a blend of quantum healing, angel work and soul attunements.

If you are ready for deep change, you can:

1. Book an energy healing session here.

I work long distance on the phone or on Skype with clients all over the world.

       2. Download my free Grounding Meditation when you register over there ——>

3. Take the quiz “Are You a Healer?” and find out!

4. Read my blog. I have been writing since 2009, there’s plenty of inspiration there.

5. Buy my 90 minute Energy Protection Class (US$49) here.

6. Read my story and see that healing and moving on IS possible!

How do my energy healing individual sessions work?

I ground, connect to Source, read your energy field to find your core wounds and negative beliefs, then I heal them for good.  If you feel like you’re going to explode (or more likely get depressed or sick again) from not being able to talk about the things you see and feel inside of you and you are ready for clarity and a more balanced life, book a session with me. I’ll show you how I work and we can talk about how I can support you.

You deserve to finally be at peace with yourself and with your life.

“The day that I met you at the “All About You” event, I wasn’t expecting anything, just searching for something. The 15 minutes we spent together that night changed me so dramatically that I knew I wanted to learn anything that you would teach me. I want to thank you Sophie for giving me the guidance I need to proceed and learn, and showing me how to use the information I receive to continue in a positive direction. It is an amazing experience working with you!” – Donna Sherman, small business manager


Do you belong here? Who have my clients been?

Women who have children and who work in a caring profession such as acupuncturist, chiropractors, Church ministers, professors, doulas, medical doctors, farmers, feminists (yes, it’s a full time job!), healers,  hairdressers, home makers, librarians,  midwives, moms,  nurses,  Physical Therapists, elementary and high school teachers, social workers.

They all have a desire to stop that confusing pain, to find peace and to blossom.

I have traveled the healing path myself (read my story) and I know there is no need to suffer, no need for shame, blame or pain.  NOW is the time to heal and enjoy your spiritual growth. I was a kid when I first realized I was sensing things that others around me did not. I grew up feeling that I couldn’t ever really show anyone who I really was. As I look back it felt like I was alone, treading in deep dark water all those years. Look at me now: I am a healing energy expert and joyful most of the time!

You too can heal.

Go here to book an appointment with me and discuss how I can serve you. Talk to you soon! And please share this website with those you care about!

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