Awaken Your Healing Power!

You want to experience healing. You want to find your healing abilities but I hear you: “No, not me! I just have great intuition. And I get psychic information. I hear angels. I see past lives. But it’s nothing…. And I know a little bit about crystals and muscle testing.” RIGHT?  I get it: you are

  • a survivor
  • a helper
  •  intuitive
  • empathic
  • a great listener
  • considerate of others’ feelings
  • on a conscious spiritual path

but you’re stuck in a fog and dissatisfied with relationships that don’t nurture YOU when you spend your life nurturing others. You want to experience more of life. You are working on yourself, meditating, using Reiki and EFT but you know there is more and you want to step into your power. You need to strengthen your intuition and to listen to yourself for a change.

I offer my own blend of very effective energy work to find the core of  your wounds, blocks and beliefs until they are resolved for good. Your soul wants you to remember that you ARE a healer. All you need is support to remove energy blocks and to allow your true self to blossom.  You need to receive the nurturing that you so willingly offer others. If you are ready to transform your life, I can help you! For 17 years, I have been helping sensitives and empaths like you step into healing power. I can help you reveal your unique gift and start thriving in a balanced life. If you feel like you’re going to explode (or more likely get depressed or sick again) with not being able to talk about the things you see and the healing gifts you feel inside of you and you are ready for clarity, email me to book a free introductory session with me. We’ll talk about how I can help you right away.

If you want a full 90 minutes session book one here:

If you want to learn to do energy work and healing for yourself and your family, book an intro session here: for an interview chat for my Awaken The Healer Within course.

The Healer within you wants to blossom and you deserve to finally be at peace with yourself and with your life.

“The day that I met you at the “All About You” event, I wasn’t expecting anything, just searching for something. The 15 minutes we spent together that night changed me so dramatically that I knew I wanted to learn anything that you would teach me. I want to thank you Sophie for giving me the guidance I need to proceed and learn, and showing me how to use the information I receive to continue in a positive direction. It is an amazing experience working with you!” Donna Sherman, Small business manager.

When you are a healer and you ignore that fact, life can be difficult. We healers are sensitive above average, we are intuitive, creative and powerful. We are easily hurt and super resilient all at once. Confusing, right? The way out of that mess is to KNOW that you are a healer and treat yourself accordingly. You do not have to WORK as a healer to BE a healer. Still not sure if you are a healer and all this applies to you? Take my “Are You a Healer?” test here and find out! Who have my clients been? Actor, accountant, acupuncturist, administrator, artist, book keeper, Chef, chiropractor, Church minister, college professor, college student, computer geeks, dad, dancer, designers, medical doctors, electrician,  entrepreneur, farmer, film maker, healer, health food store owner, hairdresser, house wife, kid, librarian, landscape designer, marketing professionals, retired military personnel,  midwife, mom,  musician, Catholic nun, nurse, fine art painter, Physical Therapist, elementary and high school teachers, social worker, website designers, writers and more. Male and female. From newborn to well into their 80s. What do they have in common? A desire to stop that confusing pain, to find peace and to blossom. I have traveled the healing path myself (read my story) and I know there is no need to suffer, no need for shame, blame or pain.  NOW is the time to heal and enjoy your spiritual growth. I was a kid when I first realized that I was sensing things that others around me did not. I grew up feeling that I couldn’t ever really show anyone who I really was. As I look back it felt like I was alone, treading in deep dark water all those years. Look at me now: I am a healing energy expert and joyful most of the time!


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